Mark Meiling, President

Mark Meiling, President

President, ForeSight Home Performance, Inc.

ForeSight Home Performance was incorporated in 1996 and offers its clients over 25 years of field-tested energy conservation/building science experience. Its unbiased services include comprehensive field testing, diagnosis of the cause of and design to remedy performance problems in new and existing homes. These performance problems include combustion safety (back drafting water heaters, furnaces, boilers, and smoky fireplaces), ice dams, condensation causing mold (in attics, at windows and interior ceiling/wall/floor surfaces), ventilation air quality (fresh air for tight buildings), occupant discomfort, and energy efficiency. Clients include homeowners, condominium owners, builders, remodelers, tradespeople, general contractors, insurance companies, and attorneys, etc. Training exercises have included field trainings, conducting workshops and trade shows, delivering Building Science presentations, and appearing on radio and television about home performance issues.

1996 – Present ForeSight Home Performance, Inc.

Since 1980 the owner of FHP, Mark Meiling, has designed energy reduction measures for over 4,500 homes. Out of that experience and he has mastered how to find the cause of and resolve home performance issues to reduce our overall carbon foot-print. A significant number of homes suffer from uneven heating and cooling, wet and moldy attics, ice damage, window rot from condensation, poor indoor air quality, smoke odor from smoky fireplaces, and high energy use from either inadequate insulation or leaking air since insulation has been installed in houses. FHP designs reliable solutions for these issues because of its clear understanding of the concepts of air, heat, and water vapor flows through building assemblies.

1999 – 2014 Senior Indoor Air Quality Technician
FHP worked on 2500+ homes as a subcontractor for Milwaukee County’s Mitchell International Airport and the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) multi-million dollar Noise Management Program. Noise mitigation work closely mirrors energy reduction work, and homes suffer from the problems listed in the paragraph above when work is not successfully completed. FHP was tasked with creating Installation Specifications for the program, designing Scopes of Work, and performing Diagnostic Testing to Verify Successful Installation during its Quality Control Process.

1984 – 1996 Wisconsin Gas Company
Energy Auditor for the Wisconsin Gas Company (now WE Energies). Per state legislation, the utilities were commanded to offer cash rewards to encourage homeowners to do energy reductions measures to their homes.

1980 – 1984 Eastside Housing Action Coalition
Weatherization program coordinator for a non-profit organization in charge of reducing energy usage in Milwaukee homes. Designed work orders for crews to install at homes.


  • EEBA Member / Conference Attendee – Chicago 2003, Phoenix 2002, Denver 2000, Baltimore 1999
  • Affordable Comfort Conference Attendee – Annually since 1990
  • Milwaukee Mold Seminar Attendee – Annually
  • “Building Science and Design Conference,” Milwaukee Building Association (MBA), March 2005
  • “Heat & Moisture Transfer in Building Envelopes,” WUFI software, Oakridge National Laboratory, South Carolina, October 2002
  • Certified Residential & Light Commercial Air Balancing & Diagnostic Technician [01-081-01], National Balancing Institute, December 2001
  • Building Performance Specialist Certification Program, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp., October 2000
  • Certified Residential Mechanical Ventilation Installation, HRAI Skill Tech Academy, October 1999
  • Certified Principles of Building Science, Advance Energy, North Carolina, March 1999
  • Franklin Energy Services, Residential Energy Technician subcontractor, 1997-2004
  • Established ForeSight Home Inspection, Inc., 1996-2000
  • Wisconsin Gas Company, Residential Energy Auditor, 1984-1996
  • East Side Housing Action Coalition Weatherization Project Coordinator, 1981-1984
  • BA Journalism, UW-Milwaukee, 1980


  • Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors (WAHI)
    • A current member of this group’s Arbitration process
  • Building Inspectors Association of SE Wisconsin
  • Milwaukee National Association of the Remodeling Industry Home Improvement Council (NARI)
  • WI Department of Health Services Indoor Air Quality Consultant
  • Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA)
    • A former member of the Construction Arbitration Board
  • Energy & Environmental Building Association (EEBA)NARIMilwaukeeMembSBW
  • The American Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Council


Listed in the Wisconsin Lawyer Directory and Wisconsin Lawyer magazine.
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