My wife and I would like to express to you our gratitude for all your diligent work on our home and from my wife ‘putting up with Mark’s persistent questions.’ We have truly fallen in love with our home again. We recalled fondly the day we ‘got the keys’ for the home and compared that with the disastrous feeling the first day we heard water dripping in our front room in middle of winter from ice dams and attic condensation. Your work has helped us to enjoy (again) the home we fell in love with three years ago. We could not ask for anything more

Mark RepenshekCedarburg, WI

When we found out our house had an indoor air quality problem, we were lost. Many so-called professionals led us in the wrong direction. We are a bit embarrassed to admit that we were convinced not to use your service at the beginning of the restoration. After many mistakes and an unsuccessful restoration, we turned back to you.

Mark, we just don’t know how to say thank you for all that you have done. It is not just the services, professionalism, and identifying the problems our house had. It was and is the extras, the time you took to explain the issues and the personal touch you added to reassure us. Your honesty, when major decisions needed to be made and the ability to guide us when other professionals were needed, that is what truly made a difference. We went from being lost to feeling confident that there would be resolution.

Nick and Lori MurphyMilwaukee, WI

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and evaluate our home. We were so confused and frustrated by the drafts, the high heating costs, excess moisture and venting problems. You showed us simple, logical ways to get our home to ‘perform’ better.

The report was very good at pin-pointing areas that we had never considered problematic. Being a home owner is no easy task. You gave us a good solid understanding of how our house responds to the elements both inside and out. We have referred to our friends and we will continue to refer you. You have made a difference and we are truly thankful.

Shawna StevenoskiOconomowoc, WI

I was surprised by the up-to-date equipment used today to test and evaluate home performance, and the expertise required to utilize it. The initial, thorough testing you did indicated a need for sealing places of air penetration and insulating walls and attic. In your detailed “Improvement Analysis Report” and “Recommended Improvements” sheets you clearly showed those areas requiring the air sealing and insulation, and specified the use of dense pack cellulose. All this helped a great deal when it came to working with the contractor you suggested.

There were other aspects of my project that you helped me with: the placement of flashing, the size of the air-conditioning unit, the need for humidity control and ways to do it, etc. I appreciate all the help you gave me, the willingness to explain what I did not understand, and the follow-up testing you did to check the work that was done.

Albert DedeWatertown, WI

We are writing to express our appreciation for your excellent work with us to analyze, plan and execute a big project to upgrade the comfort and energy performance of our Fox Point home. Having met you several years ago at a community event, we decided to contact your company for help in eliminating drafts and “cold spots” in our split-level house, built in 1959.

From the outset we were impressed. You took a ‘big-picture approach’ to our home and examined our house from attic to basement during your initial site visit of several hours. The written report of your findings helped us understand how building construction, humidity levels, air infiltration, venting and other factors interact to affect not just comfort and energy use but also the integrity of structural elements such as roof decking and soffits.

Based on that site-visit report, your 20-page statement of work laid out the tasks to be done, potential options, and work sequences as well as general cost estimates. You identified area contractors who could perform such work, and after talking to several, we chose those whose cost proposals and experience met our requirements. We were impressed with your stipulation that the work of all contractors had to meet your expectations.

And we were pleased that you were willing to act as an intermediary, advising us on progress and ‘next steps’ as well as helping us communicate with the contractors when issues arose or plans needed to be revised. We were comfortable, for the most part, working with the contractors directly, but also knew we could turn to you for objective advice and guidance to help keep everything on track.

Your multiple visits over several months to ‘performance-test’ the contractors’ work in various ways assured us of the quality of the work being done. And as the project came to completion, you also checked both new and existing equipment (e.g., fans, boiler, water heater) to confirm safe and efficient operation – a step we found particularly reassuring.

In summary, we were very pleased with your work on our behalf, your professional and friendly manner, and your willingness and ability to communicate effectively with us and with contractors. We would recommend your firm without hesitation to anyone in need of help with building energy performance issues.

Joe and Lorna Hilyard Fox Point, WI

I would like you to know how much I enjoyed your recent presentation on “Building Performance and Design” at The ASHI-GLC seminar in Schaumburg, IL.

You are an outstanding speaker with the ability to make a complex subject more understandable.

Equally important, you are helping home inspectors see the bigger picture of “building performance” rather than just separate issues with moisture, mold, ventilation, insulation, etc. Those in your audience will now be better able to recognize how what they are seeing at one end of the house is interacting and impacting with other systems in the house. This helps them to better understand how house systems are connected to each other for total building performance! Thus, we can better serve our clients.

Jay Z. BalinPresident Habitat Home Inspection, Inc.

Your home performance class was much more than I expected. It was a real eye opener to learn what air leakage can do and the adverse effects it can have on different building materials. When I inspect a tri-level or cape cod, I know exactly what to look for now, thanks to your class. I wish I had taken your class before we built our home!

It felt good to be able to explain to them the possible causes [of mold on the roof sheathing] with confidence. I also explained the importance of fixing the cause first, before [along with] cleaning up the mold.

Bob Beisbier BK Home Inspections

The class was extremely informative and thought provoking for several different fields, whether or not one plans to get involved in home performance as a part of their business. As a home inspector, the introduction to this field was very informative and has made me a better inspector. I’m looking forward to attending the more technical and in-depth classes. The education in home dynamics you are providing is something I consider valuable to my home inspection business as it makes me a much more knowledgeable inspector.

David Bennett Dunamis Consulting

Learn how ordinary home improvements can upset the home interaction and make the home potentially dangerous.The Home Performance class is extremely helpful to both the homeowner and the building trades!

Bob WilsonMilwaukee