Seller’s Cost Estimate

Fungus was found growing in the attic by a home inspector of the house you want to sell. If you call a roofer, because that seems to be common sense, they’ll try to add attic ventilation. But adding ventilation will likely make the issue worse than it already is. Wet/moldy attics are always caused from living space water vapor leaking into attics. Adding attic ventilation is kind of like opening a fireplace damper to increase the draft in a fireplace. Opening the roof with more holes increases the amount of water vapor sucked up from the house below. The solution that always works is sealing the air leaks between the house and the attic. If air leaking from the house is not stopped, condensation will continue to rot the roof decking. The rotting roof deck could pose an Indoor Air Quality issue as well. So the issue should be corrected. But you don’t want to be solely responsible to correct it. You just want out of the house for as little expense as possible. We have years of experience, as noted in the Qualifications section of this web site, for resolving this condition. Just cleaning or painting over the mold by a mold remediator will not solve the issue. That’d be like cleaning an oil spot on your garage floor and thinking that the leak in the engine is sealed. So the darkened wood should be cleaned and a solution should be designed to stop the cause. You want help deciding what is a fair amount to solve this issue.

We offer a service that quickly provides you with a realistic cost estimate for the measures and performance testing. You take that information, negotiate a modified sale price and move on with your life!

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