Having problems with your house? Want to add an addition to the family room? Whatever issue you have, be aware. Be aware that times have changed in the construction industry. You can no longer just add insulation to the house to solve ice dams or uneven heating. And you can’t just add on a room like in the old days without causing problems in other parts of the house. The traditional answers to solving home performance problems just don’t hold up under the scrutiny of the new tests that measure air, heat, and moisture flows.

As a homeowner, you need to find out why problems happen in the first place in order to insure they won’t happen again. Having testing done on the physics of building performance allows a thorough analysis of the problem. Remember, changing one part of the house will affect other systems in the whole house, and sometimes detrimentally! Building Science research has proved that the house is an integrated “system” of events. The wrong flow can produce mold, ice dams, carbon monoxide poisoning, condensation on windows, peeling paint, roof decking delamination, ice dams, and a host of other problems.

To properly solve these problems, I will measure air, heat, and moisture flows to figure out what exactly needs fixing. A series of work measures will be written into my report to you, which you can give to contractors when they bid on the job. You can have them sign off, agreeing that they will perform their work according to the acceptable criteria I provide. When work is done, I will then return and do post-testing to determine whether the house is performing well — the way it should.


Your goal is to build a beautiful home and live happily ever after. You want a home that, when it is finally finished, it is really finished, so that there are no surprise problems in the future. You want to be comfortable in every room. You want none of the mold problems you’ve read about in the newspapers. You want to be safe and healthy in your home. And you want to save energy to boot.

Well, you can. But then why do some homeowners have problems within the first three years with rotting wood, mold problems, and condensation on windows? Because as houses have become tighter and tighter, and this is a good thing, the technology behind building homes has changed. Understanding how a home performs is called “Building Science.” You can read and learn all about this in the “Energy College” (which I wrote) in the Educational Opportunities section.

You can hire me to review your blueprints, visit your house during various stages of the construction process, and check that the builders, plumbers, electricians, and insulators are all doing their jobs in a way that won’t compromise your expectations with respect to building performance (Testing & Equipment). After the house is completed, I will test the house for proper heat, moisture, and air flows. Data will be gathered with a computerized system to verify that you will be comfortable, live in a durable building, have good air quality, and be energy efficient. Now you can live happily ever after!

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