Fungus was found growing in the attic of the house you want to buy. You love the house but are concerned that the rotting roof decking is either a durability or an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issue. You’ve been told that you must clean the surface so that this can’t be an IAQ issue. But merely cleaning the darkened wood will not keep this issue from coming back. Think about it. It’d be like cleaning an oil spot on your garage floor and thinking that the leak in the engine is sealed. So you want the issue cleaned but also resolved so that it doesn’t come back. Correcting and cleaning this issue will cost money. You feel that the homeowner should share the cost. But you don’t want the seller to handle the issue because they want to spend the least possible and you’ve learned that you get what you pay for. You want to take charge of fixing it because you want the work done once right! This will cost. But how much?

We know what it takes to keep this issue from coming back and can provide you an accurate cost estimate for these retrofit upgrades. Our expertise comes from our presenting estimates into the budgetary process for Mitchell International Airport’s jet airplane sound reduction program over 15 years. Milwaukee County wanted to manage noise intrusion without unwittingly creating wet/moldy attics in 2,500 homes at the ends of the runways. With our cost estimate in your hands, you can more confidently reenter the total house cost negotiation with a seller to agree on how much each party should absorb.

Answering the few questions below will give you an idea of how much we charge to provide this service. A total fee includes a trip charge. Call me so I can send out a proposal. Upon signing and returning the proposal I’ll call to schedule the Design site visit?

Moldy Attic Estimate

Year house was built?

How many attics has mold been found?

Number of bathrooms immediately below or along side any effected attic?

Approximate square footage?

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